A New Summer Series: Folk Tales from Around the World

Each summer at KSU, our club hosts a summer project. It is a time when international students have more time and can take on greater responsibilities in meeting new students and offering them a variety of activities. The center piece for these activities is the Conversation Cafe. Fortunately, with the relaxation of COVOD 19 restrictions, we can meet for fun and conversation, staying socially distant, of course!

This summer, a friend of mine, Adeline Chang suggested we have topics centered around the theme of folk and fairy tales. She choose 8 stories from around the world. Each story teaches a moral or lesson. We read through the story together and answer four questions. Already, we have had some delightful conversations.

Where to find the discussion guides? On this website, go to Conversation Discussion Guides and then Eight Weeks of Conversation Cafe.


Lady Clare

I hope you have as much fun with these stories as we are having.


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