Foxtrot English for Kids

Foxtrot English for Kids is a series of English lessons for kids from middle to high school.  Each lesson is centered around a theme such as love or courage. Each contains a game, American idioms and slang, a Bible reading with discussion guidelines, and  a song. The English level is high, so you will want to look the lessons over to see if they are appropriate for your group.

The songs are from Steve Green’s songs for kids.  Basically, they are Scripture set to music.  I think the tunes are catchy and the words are easy to remember.  They also reinforce the lesson theme.  To listen to them, simply click on the web address. A word of caution… they are sung by small children and so they sound too childish for middle and high school students, in my opinion.  Instead of playing the YouTube songs for them, I would learn the song myself and teach it to them.  I included the songs because I thought they could be valuable.  If you have a different opinion, simply delete them from the lesson and add a verse to memorize.  I would love to hear your opinion about the music. If you have another musical suggestion, please let me know.

Thanks for checking these lessons out.  My purpose is that while learning English, young people would also learn about God and his love for them.








Foxtrot-Self Image

Foxtrot-Self Control


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