Bible Discussion Guides

International Student Bible Discussions offers a format to help introduce your international friend to Jesus Christ.  You will find each one involves a Scripture and plenty of discussion questions for the group to share.  Sometimes there is a painting to help convey the emotion of the passage.  Hopefully, you will grow in your understanding of your friend and their perspective and your friend will grow in their understanding of God and his word.


International Friendship at Kansas State University

How to use these guides.

1. Take turns reading the material by paragraph.  Difficult words are in bold print, but always ask if there are other words they would like to discuss.
2. Don’t feel tied to the written questions.  Follow the Holy Spirit’s inclinations to ask further questions to gain understanding and bring light to the Scripture.
3. Be respectful of their opinions even if you don’t agree with them.
4. Each discussion takes about 30-45 minutes depending on your friend’s level of English.

These lessons were written by Jane Fox who is on staff with Bridges International at Kansas State University.  Feel free to copy and distribute them.  They are not for sale.

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