Topics from a Biblical Perspective

The Return of the Prodigal Son (detail) c. 1669 Oil on canvas The Hermitage, St. Petersburg

Rembrandt, Harmenszoon van Rijn. The Return of the Prodigal Son (detail)
c. 1669
Oil on canvas
The Hermitage, St. Petersburg

Academic Success: King Solomon’s Advice, I Kings 4  

All We Need Is Love, I Corinthians 13

A Pattern for Prayer, Psalm 50

Biblical Communication

Book Mark with Bible Explanation

A Christian Response to the Coronavirus

Creation, Psalm 148

Do All Roads Lead to God? Romans 5

Dreams and Visions in the Bible

Earthly Treasure or Heavenly Treasure, Matthew 6

English Idioms from the Bible

The Resurrection on Trial 3rd edition

            Jury Notes for the Resurrection on Trial

Falling in Love, Ephesians 5

Fear, Mark 4

Food and the Believer, Mark 7:14-19

Four Mistakes (the reader makes when reading the Bible)

Gender Relationships in the Bible

Geography of the Bible

God: The Amazing Creator, Psalm 8

Hebrew Poetry, Psalm 23

Help! I’m Stressed Out, Psalm 62

Hero Journey- Jesus Christ

Welcome to Holy Week, Understanding the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

How Can I Have a Relationship With God? Acts 10

How Does God Guide?

How to Survive in Another Culture,  Daniel 1

Is the Bible Reliable?

Jesus’ attitude about suffering, John 11

Jesus Loves People from Every Race, Gender, and Economic Status

New Beginnings in Genesis

Old and New Testament Introduction

Self-Worth, Psalm 139, Colossians 1

Solomon’s Perspective on Money and Wealth

Solving Conflict in Old Testament Times

The Bible or William Shakespeare?

The Christian’s Responsibility Toward the Environment

The First Temptation, Genesis 3

The Meaning of Sacrifice, Isaiah 53

The Value of Being Thankful, Psalm 100

Understanding Gender Relationships in the Bible

UNESCO Bible Heritage Sites

What does it mean to become a Christian?

What is Pilgrimage?

What Is Prayer and Why Do We Pray?

Where Do I Belong, John 1

Who is God?

Why Read the Bible?

Work, Work, Work

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