Eight Weeks of Conversation Cafe

Welcome to Eight Weeks of Conversation Cafe. This may be a handy place to find coordinated topics at an easy glance. We used this format for two summer Conversation Cafes. The topics were well received and produced fun and lively conversations. Here are the topics at a glance. Continue to scroll down to find the links to the discussion guides.

Week            Lifestyle                                              Bible
1         Learning styles                                            Creation
2         Temptation                                                   The First Temptation
3         Government                                                 The Laws of Relationship
4        Do all things happen for a reason?          Jesus Christ is Compassionate
5        Bucket List                            The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ
6        Grace                                                              Grace
7        Forgiveness                                                   Justification
8        Utopia                                                            Heaven


Week 1      Lifestyle Topic- Learning Styles               Bible Topic- Creation

Week 2      Lifestyle Topic- Temptation                       Bible Topic- Temptation

Week 3      Lifestyle Topic- Government               Bible Topic- Laws of Relationship

Week 4      Lifestyle Topic- Do All Things Happen for a Reason?
                                                       Bible Topic-  The Compassion and Authority of Jesus Christ

Week 5      Lifestyle Topic- Bucket List                  Bible Topic- Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

Week 6      Lifestyle Topic- Grace                            Bible Topic- Grace

Week 7      Lifestyle Topic- Forgiveness                 Bible Topic- Justification

Week 8      Lifestyle- Utopia                                      Bible Topic- Heaven