Eight Weeks of Conversation Cafe

Welcome to Eight Weeks of Conversation Cafe. This may be a handy place to find coordinated topics between Lifestyle and Bible at an easy glance. We used this format for the past three summer Conversation Cafes. The topics were well received and produced fun and lively conversations. Here are the topics at a glance, titled Series 1, 2, 3. Also, you may want to check out a simple list of games included here. Games for Conversation Café

Series 1

Week         Lifestyle                                              Bible
    1.  Learning Styles                                   Creation

    2.  Temptation                                           The First Temptation

    3.  Government                                         The Laws of Relationship

    4.  Do All Things Happen for a Reason?    The Compassion and Authority of Jesus

    5.  Bucket List                                            Jesus’ death and resurrection

    6.  Grace                                                     Grace

     7.  Forgiveness                                          Justification

     8.  Utopia                                                    Heaven


Series 2

Lifestyle                                                                     Bible

1. Travel                                                                  What is a Pilgrimage?

2. All About Food                                                   Food and the Believer

3. Sleep, Dreams, and Nightmares                      Dreams and Visions

4.  Weddings and Marriage                                   Falling in Love, Ephesians 5

5. Social Media, Smart Phones, and Apps         Can I Have a Relationship With God?

6. Gender Roles in Communication                    Gender Relationships in the Bible

7. The Bucket List                                                   The Great Commission


Series 3…This one is 10 weeks.

The Ten Wise Principles are the Lifestyle material. All ten discussion guides are in this one document.

Ten Wise Principles

On the Bible side, we used the following Conversation Art Cards which more or less goes with each principle. Be sure and read, “Method for the Cards” before you begin. It will help explain how to facilitate the Conversation Art Card and give you a more satisfying experience.

Method for the Cards

  1. What Do We Adore?
  2. Satisfying Friendships
  3. A Good Name
  4. The Rhythm of Life
  5. Honor Your Parents
  6. A Single Story
  7. All You Need is Love
  8. Something to Share
  9. Let Yourself Be Seen
  10. The Secret of Happiness