The Hero Story

Everyone loves a hero. A hero is called on a journey, faces great temptations and obstacles and overcomes to help others in their life journey. Life is not easy and we need a hero to help or encourage us. Heroes may come from a Disney story, a superhero in comic books, an ancient legend, or a true story.

I first thought seriously about heroes when I took Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University and was introduced to Joseph Campbell who wrote, The Hero’s Journey. Campbell notes the similarity between hero stories taken from all over the world.  In detail, there are 12 steps. To simplify, I suggest 4: a call to go on a mission, facing temptations, overcoming, helping others on their journey. 


This image outlines the basic path of the monomyth, or “Hero’s Journey” from Joseph Campbell. (

As a Christian, I realized that Jesus is the ultimate hero story, that he accomplished what no other hero has done or could do. The series of discussions listed on this page are set in the context of a hero story from the Gospel of Luke. I hope that you can take the life and message of Jesus to people who need and look for a hero. I think that could be all of us.

1. Jesus is Sent on a Mission at His Baptism

2. Jesus faces temptation

3. The Mission Defined

4. Jesus Formed a Team

5. Jesus Brings the Kingdom of God to Earth

6. Jesus Teaches Us to Love Our Enemies

7. The Story Line of Jesus Takes a Turn

8. Jesus Conquers Death