Conversation Art Cards

Conversation Art Cards are 25 cards with a famous painting on one side and a topic of conversation on the back. They are great conversation starters for people wanting practice in English conversation, either one with one or in small groups. They also can be used as a team building exercise to learn about each other and discuss topics of significance.

As you might know, I spend time helping international students improve their English. Often we read articles from newspapers, magazines, or the internet. It is hard work for those struggling with English. I noticed that looking at and discussing paintings or photographs brought relief to my friends. They responded more enthusiastically and new vocabulary emerged. They were happy to explain to me what they saw in the image. From there, the conversation flowed.

There are 25 paintings and topics. You will notice there are two prints of the same image. That is because the third question on each card is different: one quote is from the Bible and the other from a secular source, noted as “Lifestyle.” Both quotes bring about interesting and helpful discussion. Also, you will see that the paintings and quotes come from around the world.

All of the images are copyright free. You may download and print whatever cards you like for educational purposes. Please remember these cards may not be sold. I only request that you print the card labeled, “Method for the Cards” with whatever card you print. This card gives direction as to how to use the cards and properly credits the cards to the author. When you print, set the printer up for double sided, short edge binding with 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper. Beware, the better the paper and copier, the better the final product.

If you would rather receive a complete pack of the cards printed on good paper, please notify me, Jane Fox, at and I will respond with the directions for payment and shipping. Again, these cards are not for profit. The price of $12.00 reflects the printing and shipping costs.

Thanks for your interest. I look forward to your comments.

Jane Fox

Method for the Cards

Forward and Contents

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Fake It

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Happy Hour

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Haters Gonna Hate

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Honor Your Parents

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Let Yourself Be Seen

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Managing Time

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Music, the Universal Language

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Pursuing Intimacy and Pleasure in Sex

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Risk, Lifestyle

Satisfying Friendships

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Science Denial

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Something to Share

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The Rhythm of Life

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The Secret of Happiness

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