Conversation Art Cards

I had hoped that this summer 2020, students helping others around the world improve their English, would find the Conversation Art Cards a useful tool to begin conversations and develop friendships. As it turned out, as you know, no one is going anywhere. Instead, people are meeting on Zoom. I began to dream of putting the CAC on line. But how?

Enter Cru Research and Development and Denise DiSarro who made a website for them. Now they can be accessed anywhere at anytime. Of course, I still recommend a hard copy, but if you are having a small group and are looking for a new way to engage with each other over topics that matter, you might want to try them out.


Conversation Art Cards
Observe and Listen. Share and Grow.fullsizeoutput_538d

Conversation Art Cards are a pack of 25 cards with images of great works of art on one side that connect to suggested topics on the back side. The art and topics explore a crucial aspect of human experience such as love, parents, home, tradition, music, and compassion. As the very nature of the art, subject matter, and questions are personal and experiential, conversation flows naturally to deeper things providing multiple opportunities and avenues for gaining insight about another person’s perspective on the world and life, including the topic of faith in Jesus Christ.

These cards can be used in small groups, one with one, and with people from all walks of life, countries, and ages from teens on up.  The set comes with instructions and an overview making it simple for anyone, with or without a background in art. In fact, they are designed to help people feel comfortable with looking at things they are not familiar with.

Though the cards used to be available from this website, I am now directing you to the Cru Store to purchase. You will see that the cards are professionally printed, equal to something you would find at a museum gift shop. They are a bargain at $12 a set or less if multiple cards packs are purchased.
Here is the link:

Thanks for your interest. I look forward to your comments

Jane Fox

Paintings and topics included in the Art Cards

All You Need is Love Woman Taken in Adultery
Creativity Summer
End of Life Sorrowing Old Man
Fake It Till You Make It The Water Carrier of Seville
Generosity vs. Greed Generosity versus Greed
A Good Name Surcoat
Happy Hour Youth Kneeling and Holding Out a Wine Cup
Haters Gonna Hate The Three Races or Equality before the Law
Hero Story Mosaic of Christ
Honor Your Parents My Parents After 40 Years of Marriage
Let Yourself Be Seen Orphan Girl at the Cemetery
Managing Time Part of the Qingming Scroll
Music: the Universal Language The Guitar Player
A New Beginning Sphinx of Hatshepsut
Performance A Lady Playing the Tanpura
Pursuing Intimacy and Pleasure in Sex The Kiss
Risk St. Paul in Prison
The Rhythm of Life The Young Amphibians
Satisfying Friendships The Banjo Lesson
Significance: Where Does It Come From?
              Page from an Illuminated Gospel
A Single Story Willow Tree
Scream! The Scream
Vanitas Still Life with Bouquet and Skull
We Love Beauty Portrait of a Young Man
What Do We Adore? Relief Sculpture