How Do You Cope?

The COVID Virus problem seems to continue. Depending on where you live, you experience a variety of restrictions. So what do you do? How do maintain a sense of normalcy?

Here is a list of my favorite things to do. Perhaps there is something you would like to try.

  1. Go on a hike or walk.

  2. Listen to familiar and new music. Try a virtual choir.

  3. Pray together.

  4. Practice gratitude.

  5. Gather in small groups at home or in a restaurant.

  6. Attend church in person or online. You can now attend almost anywhere in the world.

  7. Call people with FaceTime or Zoom.

  8. Listen to a new podcast.

  9. Create art.

  10. Try out a new recipe.

  11. Buy a new pet.

  12. Read the Bible and ask these questions.

  13. Exercise indoors or out.

  14. Play video, board, or card games.

  15. Read a new book.

  16. Write a poem or story.

  17. Clean your apartment or house.

  18. Get rid of stuff you don’t need.

  19. Buy some stationary and write letters with a pen and paper.

  20. Garden indoors or out.

  21. Pick up or revive a hobby, like photography or sewing.

  22. Attend classes when possible.

  23. Go shopping with your mask on.

  24. Look at art, virtually and at a museum.

  25. Learn a new instrument.

  26. Decorate your living space.

  27. Go to your public library and read a new magazine, one you have never read before.

  28. Sweep your sidewalk.

  29. Make dinner and take it to someone.

  30. Spend time with children.

What would you add to this list?
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Thank you so much!

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