What’s New?

Cancelations. Adjustments. Alternate plans.  This is what’s new.

I had hoped that this would be the summer the Conversation Art Cards would be distributed world wide by students on summer missions. But of course that went by the wayside. No one is going far.

Realizing that many plans and meetings had shifted to Zoom meetings, I began to hope a website could be made for the cards that would make it easy for anyone anywhere to use the cards for discussion. Enter Cru Research and Development and Denise DiSarro who created a website that is attractive and easy to us. Please check it out. We at Bridges International at Kansas State University have found using the art cards online produces fun, interesting and stimulating conversation. Perhaps it would work for your group as well?
Please look it up at wwwconversationartcards.com.

I wish you enjoyment this summer, in spite of change, especially for your children.



The Young Amphibians, 1903. Joaquin Sorolla. Philadelphia Museum of Art 

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