Community Groups for International Students

Community groups are created to give people exploring faith a safe place to make friends, serve the community, and have fun.  Each meeting includes dinner.  Before the discussions, the topic is briefly introduced with a personal illustration or story.  Sometimes we use a game that may or may not be related to the topic. Then we break up into small discussion groups.

We met for two semesters. Once during the course of the group, we go on a retreat to have fun, enjoy new experiences, but principally to learn about, discuss, and experience the Holy Spirit together.

Here are the topics in the order we introduced them.

1. Can Life be Deeply Satisfying?

2. The Amazing Wisdom and Teaching of Jesus Christ, Luke 10

3. Who is Jesus Christ? John 11

4. The Death of Jesus Christ, Luke 23 

5 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Luke 24, John 20

6.What It Means to Follow Jesus, John 3:16, 6:25-29

7.Why and How Should I Pray? Psalm 50 and examples of Hannah and Nehemiah

9. Why and how do we read the Bible?

10. How Does God Guide Us?

11. God is a Healer; Examples of Jesus Healing People

12. The Holy Spirit

a. The Holy Spirit Comes, Part I

b. The Holy Spirit and the Trinity, Part II

c. The Holy Spirit and the Believer, Part III

12. Who is Satan? Genesis 3_

13. Two Kingdoms, Colossians 1:13

14. Good News Travels Fast, Acts 5

15. How the Church Grew After the First Century

16. Do Miracles Contradict Science?_

17. Where Did the Universe Come From?_

18. The Most Important Thing in Life





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