Eight Weeks of Conversation Cafe

Graduation is over. Summer is upon us. Here at Kansas State University, we will host a summer Conversation Café. I like the summer Café. For one thing, we have the activities outside in front of Hale Library where there is both a small plaza and green grass.


Kansas State University, Hale Library

But more importantly, we have students from around the world who come for summer classes.  Last year we met engineering students from India and English teachers from Mexico. Always, there are fun activities, good conversations and friendships are formed.

Since the Café is only 8 weeks long in the summer, I thought you might like to see the topics we chose last year. As always, students choose to discuss topics from Biblical or Lifestyle perspective. Either way, we enjoy their thoughts and learn from their contributions.

To find the list of topics and links to the guides, when you click “Conversation Discussion Guides,” you will see there is another option besides Bible and Lifestyle. You will see “Eight Weeks of Conversation Cafe.” Of course, you can always pick and choose topics from other lists on my website, depending on your audience.

Wishing you the best of summers,


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