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Jane, 2016, Sasebo, Japan

When I started my website in 2013, I did it mainly to help myself stay organized with resources and my discussion guides. Later, it occurred to me that people doing English camps all over the world may find my website helpful.  One fun feature about WordPress is that is easy to see what countries are using the website and what they are looking at. Here is what I found out.


In 2017, there were about 3,500 visitors and about 10,000 views total. By far, the most popular page was the Lifestyle conversations with 4,000 views. The Home Page came in second at 2,000 looks. The Conversation Art Cards had 1,000 looks and Games and Topics from a Biblical Perspective each had about 400 looks.

The exciting statistic was about the countries looking at the website. There were 115 countries who looked at it from every continent except for Antarctica, of course. The top 3 were the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. India came in a close 4th.

Recently, I heard from a ministry team from Slovakia who wanted to plan an eight-week English camp. Here is the letter emailed to me.

We gathered as a Team today to discuss what we wanted our English                   Clubs to look like this semester. Several of us came into the meeting very unsure and with a bit of anxiety since we didn’t have credible experience with English Clubs and had scattered ideas.

Then, we opened your website, and everything took off.

We have 8 solid, organized weeks of topics to discuss, games, and more. This is all thanks to you and the surely countless hours of work you invested in writing the material and organizing your website. You are serving our Team and ministry in tremendous ways here in Slovakia. You will be a part in forming and launching our university ministry here.

Thank you, thank you, Jane! I hope you are encouraged by what I shared, but also know how the Lord using you through years of English Clubs is affecting an entirely different Team thousands of miles away.


Thanks, so much Chad! And thanks to God who organizes our lives and gives us purpose and direction in ways we could not have imagined on our own.

Please check out the new Lifestyle Discussion Guides on the topics of Environmental Sustainability, Social Media, Hero Journey, and soon to come, Simplicity/Minimalism.

In Topics From a Biblical Perspective take a look at The Christian Responsibility Toward the Environment, Biblical Communication, and The Hero Journey of Jesus Christ. Soon to come is a discussion on greed.

By His Grace,


Jane, with international friends at home, 2017.

Jane Fox

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