Pleasurable Conversation

When my children were growing up, we made up a game using the daily newspaper. Reading the question sent into an advice columnist like, Dear Abby, we would then each suggest a solution before we read the written reply in the paper. Some of the letters were entertaining and some were quite sad. But in playing the game with my kids, I discovered their perspective on relationship problems. A lot of helpful and funny discussions came from this game.

Years later, I met a woman working on her English by reading the newspaper. Specifically, she read, Dear Abby. The conversations we had about the situations in the letters were quite amusing and enlightening for both of us. I found her point of view broadened my understanding of her culture and she was eager to learn how Americans handled difficult relationships. There was usually new vocabulary in the column; some of it was slang, which she was always eager to learn.

The Lifestyle conversation on “Advice,” has some examples of Dear Abby letters and responses. You can also Google Dear Abby, and find more letters for English conversation.

Learning from each other brings a lot of pleasure.



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