A Little Help From My Friends

Last Friday, Cru.org published a story I wrote about friendship with international students. I realized the story and this website would not be possible with help from many friends. So I would like to thank them now.

Starting with those who patiently used my lessons as they evolved into something better, I’d like to thank Karla and David Dennis, Susan Kejr, Janet Larson, and Darrin Stineman.

Many thanks to Bridges International, as they gave me opportunity, leadership, and encouragement along the way. A special thanks to David Stuckenschmidt and Nancy Wallace.

Rick James from Cru Press Green, kindly looked over the website in the beginning and gave me helpful suggestions. Becky Thomton refined my story for Cru.org. I am so grateful.

My family offered other advice. My brother, Mike Seiler, pointed out I needed to properly identify the artwork. Graham, my son, suggested I use Word Press and introduced me to Creative Commons. Rod, my husband and partner in life and ministry, helped me set up the website and patiently listens to my ideas. I appreciate his kindness and wisdom.

Finally, my greatest thanks goes to God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He is the one that gives me opportunity, ideas, motivation, and friends. “From him and through him and for him are all things.” Amen.

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