Recommended Resources

Having worked informally with international students for the past 12 + years, I have discovered  a few resources that are helpful.  The following is a list of resources I most often turn to.

1. English Grammar Helps
This site is written by Seonaid  (pronounced “shona”)  She is a linguist from England.  She has lots of grammar  exercises that are easy to use.  The student I am currently working with loves them.

2. ESL Exercises
Recently, I met a young woman who in one year became fluent in English using this site and the VOA site.  It is worth checking out!

3. Discussion Question Resource
This site has lists of topics for conversations.  Click on a topic and you will find a page of questions that are useful in leading discussions.

4. Voice of America
This is VOA website has a truly many things to offer a person learning English.  I have directed you you my favorite page which offers idioms and slang used in a short paragraph.  The sentences explain the idioms, which is very helpful.



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