What does it mean to thrive?

To thrive means to prosper or to flourish. The opposite is to decline or stagnate. All of us recognize when plants wilt and suffer due to inadequate water, fertilizer and sunshine. But what does it take for humans to thrive?

Thriving has been the topic for our international student discussion group as we gather for tea and snacks on Thursday afternoons.

We asked what are the necessities of life and what can we live without? Is it necessary to have purpose in life, good relationships, protection under the law, or to experience beauty in our surroundings?

Last week we asked if it were necessary to have a sense of awe and reverence from time to time. Everyone was quick to find a digital image of something that brought them awe. Mostly, people chose a beautiful landscape. Some pointed out the awesomeness of a great cathedral. One pointed to an awesome event of finding her phone in the middle of prairie grass just as the sun glinted on the screen at the end of the day. A few selected a person that brought them a sense of awe and reverence, such as Jesus Christ.

I wonder what brings you a sense of awe and reverence. Given how quick everyone was to show what brought them awe, I wondered if the need for awe and reverence demonstrates that people need to know there is a greater presence in this world, something that transcends the ordinary. For me that presence is God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth; the same that sent his Son, Jesus Christ to bring us into a thriving relationship with him                                              .   352c65a9-a564-4637-b50f-447bb09af35a

I wonder what helps you thrive and flourish?

Coming soon are the discussion guides for what it means to thrive.

I wish you an awesome Spring,




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