3rd Anniversary

Three years ago, the Conversation Art Cards were published by CruPress. They are a pack of 25 cards each with a great work of art on one side and 4 questions on the back.

The first question asks the participants to describe the image they see on the other side.

The second question asks about a personal experience or opinion about the topic related to the image.

The third question has part a and b. Part a has a quote from a recognizable source and part b has a quote from the Bible. These quotes are tied in with the topic and image.

The fourth question ties the topic and the image together and asks the participants to either draw or find a digital image to illustrate their thoughts.

The images draw out the imagination and the topic draws out one’s experience and thoughts. Both are valuable for engaging English conversation practice.

But there is more.

These cards provide an opportunity to get to know your friend in a whole new way. Do you know what music they prefer and why they listen to it? Do you know what fears they have or who or what they admire? Do you know their cultural value of honor/shame, guilt/innocence, or fear/power?

The cards are 6.5 x 5.25 inches and may be purchased at https://crustore.org/product/conversation-art-cards/
You can also learn more by clicking the tab

Yours for fascinating conversation,

Jane Fox

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