Summer Reading Fun

Dante's Divine Comedy: A Graphic Adaptation: Chwast, Seymour:  8601410317935: Books

While reading in the public library, I noticed this book on the shelf under the sign, “Graphic Novels.” I have to admit I have never read Dante’s Divine Comedy and I was pretty sure I would not devote myself to it any time soon. In no time at all though, I was entranced by the superb drawings. Within a few hours, I completed the book, grasping for the first time what the poem was all about.

As I meet with international students to help with their English conversation, I suggest reading graphic novels. For one thing, it is easy to read through the book quickly because the word count is limited. The graphics fill in the details. Graphic novels are not just for children who like to read about superheroes like Spiderman. Graphic novels range in the category of fiction and nonfiction such as history and biographies. All of these books and topics lend themselves to great conversation.

We are only in the middle of July. Visit your public library and you are sure to find something that interests you and your friends.

Yours for Summer Reading Fun,


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