New Semester/New Topics

A new semester demands new topics. I have added eight new Lifestyle discussion


“Welcome, New International Students to Kansas State University”

guides that we used in the fall of 2018. These topics were chosen by our students who participate in the Conversation Café.


Most of the discussion guides are at a sixth-grade reading level but a few are on an eighth-grade level.  For example, the guide on Personal Boundaries is at a higher level, not because of the writing style or vocabulary, but the concept of boundaries may be new.

Here is the list of the new Lifestyle guides. I hope you will check them out and have some fun.

Kansas Culture

Emotional Intelligence


Favorite Phone Apps and YouTube

How to Solve Arguments


Money Tips for College Students

Personal Boundaries

I also added eight new discussion guides to Old Testament and Biblical Perspective categories. These somewhat go with the Lifestyle topics, but they stand on their own as compelling conversations.  One of my personal favorites was the one where a quote was listed and the participants decided, well, sometimes guessed whether the quote originated in the Bible or in William Shakespeare.  Here are the new Biblical themes and where to find them on the website.

New Beginnings in Genesis                                         Topics from a Biblical Perspective

Deliverance from Slavery, Exodus 2, 3                      Old Testament

Proverbs, the Book of Wisdom                                    Old Testament

Hebrew Poetry                                                                Topics from a Biblical Perspective

Dreams and Visions in the Bible                                 Topics from a Biblical Perspective

Solving Conflict in Old Testament Times,                  Topics from a Biblical Perspective

Solomon’s Perspective on Money and Wealth          Topics from a Biblical Perspective

The Bible or William Shakespeare                              Topics from a Biblical Perspective




Don’t forget to play some games and have some fun:)

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