Learn Something New

The ability and the opportunity to learn is one component that


Holocaust Memorial, New Orleans, LA

keeps people happy. When we acquire new knowledge, it expands our understanding. Greater understanding gives us the patience to cope with difficult times or situations. For example, when we learn to play the piano, not only do we gain a new skill, but our understanding of how music works gives us new pleasure in listening to other kinds of music. When we learn facts of history, we begin to understand ourselves and attitudes in new ways.


With the advance of the internet, it seems learning is easier than ever before. Gone are the days of planning trips to the library to begin researching whatever is of interest to you: cooking, art, biographies, science. Here are the days of instant accessibility. Enter the world of online learning. My favorite online learning comes from the Khan Academy. The Khan Academy is a supplement to other classes I take and fills in my educational gaps. I love how topics are simply and logically laid out. Math, science, computer programming,
economics are a few of their offerings. I think you will be pleased. https://www.khanacademy.org/about

Another resource I recently discovered is grammarly.com It is a free online grammar check for spelling, punctuation, and verb tenses. For a monthly fee, it will provide a complete writing critique. I have found that no matter how often I proofread, I miss something. Grammarly.com is helpful to me and to students new to English.

Yours for a new year and new knowledge,


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