I first took notice of mosaics two years ago when I was in the Museum of Natural History in London. It was the floor that caught my attention. Simple contrastIMG_0103ing colors, pieces of different sizes and shapes, all fitted together to make wonderful designs
of imagination and order.

You will notice the new photo behind the headline of this website. Hands of various sizes and colors are assembling a paper mosaic. The photo was taken at the Bridges International Vision Conference, 2015, in Austin, Texas. The paper mosaic event symbolizes the beauty that arises when people of different races, languages, and nations work together.

The International Conversation Cafe website offers resources for people all around the world learning English as a second language. You will find discussion guides on all sorts of topics to help conversations flow. This is not a site that offers technical English grammar lessons, though there are some recommendations for that under resources. There are also some great games for fun ways to connect using English.

The old photo headline for this website was a picture from a remote mountain lake.  I originally chose this photo because it reminded me of travel and travel usually means meeting people from other places. But the idea of mosaic fits this website better. You will notice that the headlines on the discussions guides are being changed to a simple font with no photo in the background.

Thanks again for visiting my website. I hope you find the contents helpful. I always welcome your comments and suggestions at

Your truly,

Jane Fox

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