Let’s Play




Asgrimur Jonsson. Children at Play. c. 1920 National Gallery of Iceland.  Frikirkjubegi 7, 101 Reykjavik 

Have you ever considered the value of play, of doing something for no other apparent reason than the pleasure it brings?  Children have no qualms about engaging in this sort of fun.  From play acting with each other, to games of chase or tag, to singing or dancing, the main motivation is fun.  Of course they learn from their play.  But that is not the goal.

Activity for fun’s sake is also essential for adults.  Obviously, there is an element of sophistication and planning about it.  The games we play are more complicated and the activities we do may take more planning than what children’s spontaneity requires.  It takes planning to go camping or canoeing or to join a sport’s team.  Yet the necessity of such play is the same for people at any age.

The enjoyment of fun times and activities are heightened when someone enters in with you, regardless of language barriers.  This spring semester we have emphasized fun.  We have taken our international friends sledding, made breakfast for dinner, played group games, learned Contra Dancing together, and watched, The Martian.

Did anyone’s English improve because of it?  Who knows?  But the feeling of camaraderie and shared experience helps everyone relax.

My advice; have some fun together and see where it takes you.




Sledding fun in Kansas

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