Something New


“President Obama, I can’t believe you came to visit us at the Conversation Cafe!”

Sometimes questions and problems lead to new solutions.  Our Conversation Cafe attendance was lagging a bit in January and February so we, the Bridges International team at Kansas State University, decided to advertise at the dining centers.  We wondered what we could do to attract attention that was different from all the other tables students encounter.  After brainstorming, we felt we landed on a few good solutions.  We would buy a life-size cutout of President Obama and provide from some photo opportunities.  At the other dining center, we decided to play, “Name that Flag.”  At both we would offer a raffle for coffee shop gift cards.

Did our efforts pay off?  Our attendance was up, in spite of the cold.  But as important, our morale was boosted and we had a lot of fun. I wonder what creative solutions you come up with?

Questions also prompt new discussion guides.  Recently I was asked, “Was it necessary that Jesus died on the cross.  Wasn’t it enough that he suffer?” This led to a new discussion guide found under “Topics from a Biblical Perspective.” Earlier someone asked me about the timeline of the Bible.  “Old and New Testament Introduction” was the result of that question.

There are some new topics under the Lifestyle heading.  Look for “The Bucket List” and “Sports Sayings and Idioms.”  Some new game ideas are a result of the class I am taking in Creative Drama.

Enjoying the journey,


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