Always Learning, Always Improving

Since opening my website in November, 2013, I have continued to work on the lessons posted.  First, you will notice all the lessons have the same heading and uniform professional look.  The art work is labeled properly and there is a Creative Commons License at the end of each lesson.  You are free to copy and distribute the lessons, but not for financial profit.

There are two new pages under Bible Discussion.  The first is titled, “Booklets.”  One booklet is called, “All of us are looking for love,” which is an explanation of how we can be restored to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  The second booklet is called,
“Life With God,” which shows that developing a relationship with God is similar to developing relationships with people: using listening and speaking skills.  These booklets are valuable because there are less words to read, the questions further conversation, the topics involve stories, and the graphics are colorful, yet simple. The instructions to print the booklets are included on that page.  

The next new page is called, “Foxtrot English.” These are English/Bible lessons for middle and high school students learning English as a second language. Each lesson contains a game, American idioms and slang, a Bible reading and discussion questions, and a song. All are centered around a relevant topic for preteen and teen.  There are a variety of uses for Foxtrot English including after school English clubs, English camps, and church outreaches.

Thanks so much for checking out my website.  I hope you find it a valuable tool to encourage spiritual conversations with your international friends.

May God be your guide,

Jane Fox

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